Friday, November 15, 2013

Review ~ Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

Time to take a crack at a product review! :)

~*~ Sally Hansen - Sugar Coat in Royal Icing ~*~

I was excited when I saw this polish in the store. The pictures made it look sooo pretty and perfect and I just had to buy one and try it for myself.

I picked this light blue sparkly colour - just 'cause I love the sparkly stuff and I thought it would be great for winter and Christmas holiday nails.

When I first tried it out I was a little disappointed. I guess I expected the colour to cover more than it did. It was actually a transparent - slightly tinted blue. Luckily I had a light blue polish that I used as a base coat which matched the colour nicely.

I found the sugar coat polish quite difficult to use. It went on very uh... gunky (such a creative descriptive word for ya.). It was uneven and dried very, very slowly. I had to redo a few nails from scratch because it would rub off at the slightest touch. I finally got it to look half decent by applying a topcoat almost immediately after applying the second coat of the sugar polish. It was also quite hard to get it looking neat and tidy. The little bits and sparkles in the polish got everywhere, and even when I tried to neaten up the edges with a Q-tip they stayed behind.

Base Coat - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry no.425 "Blue-Away"
Top Coat - Sally Hansen No-Chip Top Coat

The end result was quite nice. Not as perfect as the advertisement, but that might just be a skill thing... I've tried it again since and it turned out slightly better. The textured coating is a nice effect, though with a second coat and a top coat it's not as obvious. Also - without the top coat the texture can get a bit annoying - snatching on clothes and things.

End opinion - Quite a pain to apply, but a pretty sweet end result. A nice manicure for when I feel like something a bit different and have the time to mess around with multiple coats. :)

KD xo


** Disclaimer: I am not a professional by any means - these are just my personal opinions and observations as a consumer and  as a converted nail polish addict. If you enjoy reading this and get something out of it then wonderful! If you disagree with anything I've said then leave me a comment! **

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