Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Nan!

To my wonderful Nan:


My Nan has always been a huge source of love and support throughout my life.

In anything I have done she has backed me 100% and has always shown an interest. Whether it be violin, or fashion design, or anything to do with my studies. She has always been there for me and I never realised just how much I appreciate the awesome relationship we have until I moved away.
When I was growing up I loved sleepovers at Nans house. Watching movies or playing games in the spare room, the lolly stash in the biscuit tin, pineapple lumps and milk bottles, YUM! Playing pool downstairs with my siblings & cousins. Hunting for eggs at Easter, opening presents at Christmas & admiring all her pretty decorations. Trying to count all the elephants around the house & trying on all her jewelry. The many, many hours spent playing in the pool and the garden. 
I have an endless supply of wonderful memories. 

Now I live thousands of miles away and we don't talk as often as I wish we could. I'm looking into setting up a paid skype account so I can call more often to chat & catch up.

I wish I could be there for your birthday but I hope this makes up for it a little bit.
Sending you lots of hugs and love. Hopefully I can make it home next year to visit. 

Miss you & Love you lots and lots and lots.
Kelsey xxoo

(I know this is a day late for you but it's still your birthday here in the states and I was holding out to try film a video but didn't manage to get around to it, so this will have to do for now. Happy Bday! Love you!)

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