Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sparkly Nail Polish Love

Nail polish was never really something I was into in my teens. It just seemed like way too much effort for something that came out looking quite horrible since I wasn't very good at it. 

About a year ago I bought this gorgeous two-toned blue/green polish that I loved. It was a Revlon scented polish - "Ocean Breeze". I bought it for the gimmicky scent (though I'm not at all sure why you would need scented nails) and so began my nail polish collection.

Now I paint my nails about once a week, and I love getting creative and playing around with different colors and patterns. I especially love all the sparkly stuff. Which brings us to this weeks pretty polish!

I saw this Pure Ice "Watch me go" polish at the store and had to have it. It reminded me of the Ocean Breeze polish and I wanted to see what the combination would look like.
I started with one coat of the Ocean Breeze polish as a base, then two coats of the Watch me go. At first I had some trouble with the polish going gunky and not drying properly, so I made sure to wait between coats to make sure they were completely dry. Lastly I added a clear coat of Sally Hansen No Chip top coat to make it all shiny and smooth.

I'm really happy with the result! It's fantastically sparkly and I just love the color. I think this might end up being one of my go-to manicures. 

KD xo

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